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A Season for Change

Advising clients about the SECURE Act’s new lifetime income safe harbor.

Through the Ages

How well is each generation faring in its climb toward retirement readiness?

Raytheon Sues Allianz Over Pension Fund Performance

The plaintiffs in a new lawsuit against Allianz Global Investors say the asset manager failed to provide the hedging strategies it said it would include in a pension plan’s portfolio, allegedly resulting in substantial losses when the markets turned in March and April 2020.

Adviser Op-Ed: The Case for Custom Default Investment Solutions

Michael Volo at CAPTRUST says it makes sense that target-date solutions have evolved the same way retirement plan products have over time—from closed architecture, proprietary solutions to open architecture solutions using best-in-class underlying investments.

ERISA Attorney Q&A: Customization and Litigation

One expert attorney says sophisticated employers with the right internal expertise might want to explore custom default target-date funds, while others may not want to go down this path.

A Question of Liability

When the rash of litigation yields scant legal precedent, what can advisers take away?
Art by Jackson Epstein

Investment Product and Service Launches

Prudential Retirement launches digital managed advice platform; Northern Trust enters alliance with IHS Market; Broadridge Financial Solutions and Third Economy create ESG advisory service; and more.