401k Widgets Introduces Retirement Planning Tools

401k Widgets' product line has been expanded to include a glossary, checklist, and FAQs.

These “widgets” enhance a set of tools that already includes a Roth 401k Calculator and a 401k Paycheck Calculator, along with 401k Guideline, Solo 401k, and Retirement Industry News widgets.  

The company said 401k Widgets are a simple, cost effective way for retirement planning professionals to provide paycheck calculators and other retirement planning tools to their clients. In addition, retirement plan sponsors can select any combination of widgets they want to display on their Web sites. According to the announcement, no custom programming is required; the widgets can be installed on any HTML web-page by inserting a few lines of code.   

Widgets are available for free on Google Ad-supported versions, or for $495 annually per product for ad-free versions that include the client’s logo.  

More information is at http://www.401kwidgets.com.