Selecting a retirement plan’s investment lineup is frequently the job of the adviser or consultant working with the plan sponsor. After all, you’ve probably been asked to help draw up the criteria for selecting such investments in the investment policy statement (IPS), so why not the funds to satisfy that policy?  In fact, nearly all advisers responding a a recent PLANADVISER survey provide IPS design and investment monitoring and ongoing committee meetings as part of their regular service.

In this section, you’ll find information that can help you fulfill that responsibility, information that goes beyond performance measurement and offers insights on market trends, product developments, and portfolio construction.

last published:May 2017

2015 Participant Survey

The Participant Survey examines the attitudes and behaviors of American workers participating—or not—in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. It gathers data about savings rates, employer expectations and confidence levels, among other measures.

last published:June 2015

Attention to Detail

Today’s retirement plan adviser has a myriad of plan types to offer as solutions to their employer clients; everything from cash balance pension plans to Roth 401(k)s to traditional profit-sharing programs.  And tomorrow’s retirees stand to benefit from a host of new and enhanced approaches to plan design – automatic enrollment, contribution acceleration, and asset allocation alternatives, such as target-date funds.

In this section, you’ll discover what’s working, what’s not, and how you can deploy even more effective solutions for your clients.

last published:February 2015

2017 PLANADVISER Adviser Value Survey

Whether you’re part of a large, well-established wirehouse, an independent RIA, or something in-between, you’ve got a bottom line to watch, a revenue stream to maintain, relationships to nurture and maintain, a business to run…

In this section, you’ll find a range of insights, case studies, best practices, and practical solutions that can help you run your business - better.

last published:April 2017

2017 PLANADVISER Recordkeeper Services Guide

When it comes to picking a defined contribution (DC) provider – or recordkeeper - a consistent theme emerges. Those that “work as a partner with us not against us,” or let the adviser “work hand-in-hand with them” are best, according to respondents in PLANADVISER’s third annual survey of advisers about DC plan recordkeepers. However, what constitutes that cooperative, facilitating spirit can be as unique as the individual advisory firm—and even for providers that offer significant support services, retirement plan advisers can be tough customers.  

In this section, you’ll find information about recordkeepers – the services they provide, the ones that provide the best level of service, and how working with them can improve and enhance your practice. 

last published:August 2017

2015 PLANADVISER Practice Benchmarking Survey

In the past, when pitching a retirement plan, advisers specializing in the retirement plan space often found themselves competing against wealth management advisers. However, retirement plan advisers are increasingly running into other advisers who think they have the same competitive advantage—an expertise in retirement plans.

In this section, you’ll find tips on selling techniques, “hot” topics, and ways to better position your services in an ever-more competitive marketplace

last published:December 2015