Heuer Wenzel & Associates

Merrill Lynch

Houston, Texas


: PA TOP 100 - 2014: Teams With $1.5B or More in AUA: $1.5B to $2.2B

Susan Heuer, CIMA, CFP, CRPC, WMA
Managing Director– Investments

Susan brings many years of financial experience working with wealthy individuals and private companies. She began her career with Merrill Lynch in 1986 with a previous seventeen year background in banking. Susan graduated with a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin and now is a member of a private investment group at Merrill Lynch which specializes in private advisory services for corporate executives, high net worth individuals and family groups.

Patricia S. Wenzel, CRPC
Senior Vice President- Financial Adviser

Pat services qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, executive compensation and stock based compensation programs for our clients. She brings over 20 years of industry experience to our team and over the last five years served as the Retirement Solutions & Annuity Specialist for Merrill Lynch in the Texas region overseeing 401(k) business, IRA rollovers, annuity, and 529 sales and training for the region. She has spoken at a number of both national and regional industry conferences.

What is your mission statement?

Our goal is to help people get to and through a comfortable retirement. We help our plan sponsors define and achieve success specific to their goals. We do this through detailed plan design consultation, the selection of the top-ranking mutual funds available, and motivation and education of participants.

With regard to your practice, what would you spend more time doing if you could?

I wish I had more time to prospect and market for new business. I also would love to have more time to get together for lunch or dinner more socially with clients rather than being all business all the time.

How do you differentiate yourself from competitors?

Our team takes a high-touch approach to managing retirement plans. We design education strategies and presentations around each plan sponsor’s needs. Every client is slightly different. We conducted over 350 participant education meetings on a variety of topics meant to drive better financial wellness in our plans. We focus as much on maximizing the participant experience as we do on the plan investments.

If we asked your clients why they business with you, what would they say?

Pat and her team really care about our employees. They spend time doing meetings, one on ones, and are available to talk to anyone by phone on many financial topics. Her team is extremely prepared and organized for the committee meetings with the goal of leaving no stone unturned.

What is the key to a good team?

The key to a good team is having specific roles and responsibilities per team member. Open dialogue and communication daily is imperative to maximize efficiency and coordination of efforts. We all have the utmost respect for each other and leave our attitudes and egos behind. It is important to also have well-defined processes in place for everything we do. We strive keep a certain level of consistent service with every client regardless of size. We play to each others’ strengths and embrace our differences.