Corby Dall

401k Advisors Intermountain

Salt Lake City, Utah

corby dall

: PA TOP 100 - 2014: Individuals With 65 or More Plans: More than 110 Plans

: PA TOP 100 - 2014: Individuals with $500 Million or More in AUA: $1.21B to $2B

Corby Dall has specialized in retirement plan consulting for over 25 years. He leads a well respected team of professionals that focus solely on the success of retirement plans for the benefit of the employee and peace of mind of the employer. Providing help for employers to navigate the ever changing regulatory environment, they have a deep knowledge and understanding of the overwhelming volume of legislation to mitigate liability.

With a clear passion to partner with employers to help as many people as possible retire with confidence and dignity, Corby’s team has been instrumental in helping many companies turn a corner towards retirement readiness.

Corby is a founding member of NAPA the National Association of Plan Advisors, and is currently on the Government Affairs and Membership committees. Corby serves on several advisory boards and works closely with lead policy makers, legislators and regulators to help shape retirement policy.

How did you get into the business of advising retirement plans?

I started as a financial adviser and immediately recognized the deficit of good advice being offered to the average American regarding retirement savings. I saw the 401k as an opportunity to expand my reach by working with employers to positively impact far more people in my community. From there it became clear that this specific niche of the financial industry was tailor made for my mission of making a difference for as many as possible. I have been blessed to work with fantastic clients that share my same passion; I wouldn’t change what I do for anything.

With regard to your practice, what would you spend more time doing if you could?

With a passion to create positive financial outcomes for as many Americans as possible, I see my time best spent working with employers to help them optimize plan design and employee communications that will better prepare their workforce for a dignified successful retirement. Better plan design is a key to unlock the potential for participants to have a successful retirement.

If we asked your clients why they business with you, what would they say?

I hope my clients would say in unison that we have become a vital business partner and most importantly that we have become a part of the family. Several clients have told us that we have turned their 401(k) experience around and they no longer think of “401(k)” as a “four” letter word!

What are the messages you try to get across in a first meeting with a prospect?

Working with a specialist retirement plan adviser is going to best serve you and your employees. We make a difference.

What do you want your firm to be known for?

I am not looking for fame, but it is important to me that everyone knows how passionate we are about helping as many people as possible achieve a dignified retirement. I would also like us to be known as great friends with a great deal of integrity.