Henderson Brothers Retirement Plan Services

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


: PA TOP 100 - 2014: Teams With 125 or More Plans: 176 to 200 Plans

: PA TOP 100 - 2014: Teams and Individuals With 20% or More in: 403(b) Plans

 William is the Director of Henderson Brothers Retirement Plan Services, an independent retirement plan consulting firm designs and manages retirement programs for corporations and non-profit organizations. He is responsible for setting key company goals and promoting a culture that reflects the organization’s values.

In 2005, Mr. Beale achieved certification as a PLANSPONSOR Retirement Professional (PRP) by PLANSPONSOR Magazine. He was one of the first one hundred recipients to receive this honor in their inaugural program.

Mr. Beale’s Retirement Plan Services Team has been nominated for PLANSPONOR Magazine’s “Adviser of the Year Award” every year since 2006.

In 2010 PLANADVISER Magazine named Henderson Brothers Retirement Plan Services a “Top 100 Retirement Plan Adviser Team” and team still maintains that status.

Mr. Beale has also been recognized by 401k Wire as “One of the Most Influential Defined Contribution Advisors”.

In January 2013, Mr. Beale had an honor to be accepted into the Retirement Partners Group, the premier network of LPL Financial retirement plan EXPERTS. Only select advisors qualify for membership in this elite group.

What do you expect from your plan sponsor clients? From your vendor partners?

We are real people whose expertise they can trust. They know they can count on us to be open with them and give them guidance they can rely on.

What are the messages you try to get across in a first meeting with a prospect?

The biggest challenge is always to articulate how focused our team is on this industry, and how our service model is much more comprehensive than other advisers.

What do you predict will be the most significant impediment to retirement plan advisers in the next two to five years?

Fee compression has been and will continue to be a large hurtle. Unfortunately, it is commoditizing our services. Also, advisers groups who cannot act as a fiduciary to the plan and the plan participants will not be able to truly compete for much longer.

What do you want your firm to be known for?

Integrity, compassion and expertise.

What is the key to a good team?

The key to a good team is to realize that it is it’s own entity. The personalities of the team members will blend to create that team’s personality. That process should not be controlled, but instead, it should be leveraged to position the team to play to its strengths.