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Financial Independence Selects FSC as Broker-Dealer; Hueler & NISA Collaborate With Focus on Retirement Income; and Capital Fiduciary Advisors Team Joins Bronfman E.L. Rothschild, and more.

By Javier Simon | May 12, 2017
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Financial Independence Selects FSC as Broker-Dealer

FSC Securities Corporation, a broker-dealer representing more than 1,000 advisers across the country, announced that wealth advisory firm, Financial Independence, LLC, has selected FSC as its broker-dealer.

FSC Securities represents more than 1,000 advisers overseeing $38 billion in total client assets. The firm's open architecture is designed to offer advisers solutions for business planning, streamlined workflow solutions, portfolio management, and a wide range of resources integrated into one dynamic platform.

"True to our name, we're committed to helping clients large and small achieve financial independence," says Financial Independence co-founder and senior partner Steve Case. "Joining FSC Securities will help propel that goal. Not only does FSC provide a tremendous level of adviser service and support, it also allows us to be flexible in terms of our business model. As we continue to build our business and streamline our processes, we are glad to have a partner that can support and anticipate our evolving needs."

Financial Independence is based in the Detroit metropolitan area, and operates primarily in Southeast Michigan. The firm represents individual and corporate clients including 4,500 participants and 100 small-company 401(k) plans. It specializes in developing long-term financial strategies and retirement planning options for individuals, with a focus on continuing financial education.

"We're thrilled to be joining the team at FSC Securities. Their support network for advisers is unparalleled," says Financial Independence co-founder and senior partner Bill Kumm. "Steve and I have been working together for nearly 30 years, with a shared mission of helping people achieve financial independence by building, protecting, and transferring wealth. We're looking to grow, and with FSC, we'll be plugged into one of the most adept adviser networks in the country."

FSC Securities Corporation President and CEO Jerry Murphy adds, "We're excited to welcome Financial Independence, LLC into the FSC family. They put their clients first and are looking to take their business to the next level. We'll always be in Bill and Steve's corner, providing them with the support and tools they need to succeed."

FSC Securities Corporation is a subsidiary of Advisor Group, a network of independent financial advisers, serving nearly 5,000 advisers and overseeing approximately $160 billion in client assets.

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