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Investors Say Health Care Costs Biggest Threat to Retirement Security

Investors understand the value of getting financial advice; 76% of those polled say a financial adviser can help them achieve their financial goals.

By Rebecca Moore | June 06, 2017
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Seventy-eight percent of investors overall feel that funding retirement is increasingly their responsibility, not the government’s, according to the Natixis Global Asset Management 2017 Individual Investor Survey.

One-third of investors overall believe government benefits will be unavailable when they retire. This breaks down to 41% for Millennials, 33% for Generation X and 22% for Baby Boomers.

Interestingly, the younger age cohorts expect to retire early, even though they are most likely to live longer. Millennials say they plan to retire at age 59, Gen X at 58 and Baby Boomers at 65.

Personal savings are expected to be the most important retirement income source for 98% of investors. Eighty-one percent rank public pensions or Social Security benefits as an important retirement income source.

Family resources are expected to be a big part of retirement income—77% for investors overall and 81% for investors with children. The family resource most likely to contribute to retirement income is a spouse’s retirement savings (77%). More than four in 10 (43%) investors expect to rely on an inheritance, and 38% say contributions from children will be a source of retirement income. More Millennials (62%) expect to receive an inheritance than Gen Xers (42%) or Baby Boomers (31%).

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