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By Javier Simon | October 13, 2016
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MPI Releases Target-Date Radar

Markov Process International (MPI) has released its MPI Target-Date Radar, an interactive search and selection tool designed for fiduciaries seeking to match defined contribution (DC) plan participants’ demographics, behaviors and preferences with appropriate target-date fund (TDF) families.

The MPI TDF analysis process, which was designed to help advisers address DOL guidelines for selecting TDFs, also includes detailed reporting features for qualitative, quantitative, and suitability comparisons, the firm says.

By combining holdings-based data with its patented Dynamic Style Analysis (DSA) modeling, MPI measures TDF glide paths to uncover exposures that manage longevity, volatility, and inflationary risks. The firm says, “This unique approach also allows users of the tool to dial-in their risk management preferences across three critical retirement zones—before, near, and in retirement—to shape their ideal glide path.”

MPI stresses that its independent ownership ensures its Target-Date Radar plan questionnaire and the resulting custom TDF recommendations are based on unbiased and objective analysis matching the attributes of a plan to a subset of the most appropriate TDF families.  

"Although there are other TDF decision tools on the market, most of these come from asset management firms or wealth management firms that have an interest in directing plan sponsors to a particular fund family,” says Chas Mansfield, CIO of Compass Financial Partners. “As it stands, the market desperately needs unbiased, analytics-based TDF guidance that helps DC plans identify the right products for their participants, as well as why a particular offering might be a poor fit. MPI's Target-Date Radar incorporates the methods and approach that I have found to be most effective in working with DC plans. This tool has no hidden agenda, empowering the adviser, the plan and the participants."

MPI is a fintech company providing custom plan analysis and reporting solutions to DC-focused firms. For more information on MPI's Target-Date Radar, visit the Markov Processes website

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